Can Pages With Low Core Web Vitals Score Impact Other Pages On The Domain?


We know that the Core Web Vitals will be a ranking factor in May 2021. This means that all your website pages have to load fast and you should have a good Core Web Vitals Score. Google has been telling webmasters and SEOs that it always ranks pages and not websites. This means that every … Read more

Should Your HomePage Rank For Multiple Keywords?

One very common mistake that website owners make is to try and rank the homepage for informational and transactional queries. This might help from a ranking point of view but might not help in terms of conversions. Whenever someone searches using a query on Google, the person is expecting a page that is about the … Read more

Google Update November 8-9 2019

There seems to be a Google update happening again. This one is not announced by Google and webmasters are relating it to the Bert update. I personally have not seen any major changes on my field sites but many people are complaining about crappy websites ranking high. Below are some screenshots taken from popular webmaster … Read more

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