Google Update November 8-9 2019


There seems to be a Google update happening again. This one is not announced by Google and webmasters are relating it to the Bert update.

I personally have not seen any major changes on my field sites but many people are complaining about crappy websites ranking high.

Below are some screenshots taken from popular webmaster forums:





There is no clear information as yet if certain types of websites were affected. Do you see any changes to your websites?

Discussions on:

Google does make algorithm changes and chances are that your website might gain or lose rankings.

If you have lost rankings and traffic, I would recommend not to panic and wait for few more days. A lot of such updates take days to roll out. And there are corrections made in few weeks as well.

Hence, just keep looking at your stats for a few weeks and do not make changes assuming that Google does not like your website anymore.

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